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Spruce Up Your Game With Golf Training Films

What kind of help do you need to become the best player on the course? Maybe improve your grip or swing? Landing your putts?

Golf training films just might be your answer.

If you are a beginner trying to learn golf, or spruce up your game, if you are more advanced, check out the latest golf training films.

Golf training films can help you learn how to tighten your grip, improve your swing, learn the fundamentals of the game, learn the game rules, and overall teach how to come in under par.

Ben Hogan’s “In Pursuit of Perfection” is one of the best golf training films in the industry. This film was shot by chance by an amateur photographer named Clem Darracott.

Hogan never allowed himself to be filmed while playing golf, but Darracott received a unique opportunity to catch this champion on film. One day in 1967, Darracott took his video camera and found Hogan taking practice shots.

Darracott found his way to Hogan and asked if he could shoot him. To his surprise, Hogan said, “yes.”

That day, Darracott followed Hogan around the golf course shooting him and talking about golf. From that, Darracott was able to produce one of the most eventful golf training films of all time. Today, this golf training film provides valuable instructions to golfers all around the world.

Other popular golf training films are available to beginning and advanced golfers.

Wally Armstrong’s Golf Training Tools DVD is complete with such chapters as:

Feel Your Way To Better Golf,
Gadgets and Gimmicks, and
Short and Long Game Teaching Aids.

Golf is a very complex game. One thing to keep in mind when selecting golf training films as a learning tool is that they have to be as detailed as possible. You want golf training films that not only explain the game of golf, but also show you specific techniques and tricks to give you that all-time best score.

You want the golf training films to be informative, fun, and, most of all, you want them to teach you how to play golf better than you’ve ever played before. That’s why it is best to select golf training films that are instructed by true champions and Masters.

Golf training films are the key to improving your game. You won’t find any better instruction than if you trained with a Master yourself. So, get out there and watch those films — and watch your game down below par.

Check out some of the videos offered by our sponsors in the Best Products section. We've narrowed it down some of the best available.

Somax Power Hip Trainer

The Somax Power Hip Trainer is the first aerobic exercise machine designed to increase the strength and speed of hip rotation for golf. Great golfers know that the lower body is the KEY. The faster you unwind your hips from the top of the swing into the downswing, the farther you will hit the ball.

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