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Golf Training Precision Fitness Can Help Rev Up Your Game

To stay ahead of the other golfers on the course, you need golf training precision fitness.

With golf training precision fitness, you can strengthen and condition the muscles essential to golf (biceps, quadriceps, thighs, lower back, and calves), improve flexibility, club head speed, drive length, and reduce low back pain and other injuries.

It is essential to every golfer to use golf training precision fitness to ensure that their bodies are ready for the fight on the course.

Golf training precision fitness will ensure four basic rules of contact for the golf club.

The first rule golf training precision fitness will ensure is to hit the ball with the face of the club at just the right point. Just the slightest turn of the club at angle can make your golf ball veer off to odd angles.

Golf training precision fitness will help you improve your grip on the club, thus eliminating those nasty bad curves on the ball. Second, golf training precision fitness will help with the nature of the swing, which ultimately, effects how the ball flies.

Whichever way the swing goes, that’s the way the ball will go. You want your arms and hands to be as fit as possible when considering your swing.

Third, how the ball is hit effects where the ball will go. If the ball is underneath, a “lob” affect will occur. This is perfect for getting yourself out of deep bunkers.

Finally, the travel length of the ball is proportional to the swing power or swing speed.

A fit body trained with golf training precision fitness will ensure a powerful swing when necessary.

One thing to keep in mind when considering golf training precision fitness is that golf is a sport. Golfers are athletes. Golfers need that athletic edge in order to bring their game in under par.

That’s why golf training precision fitness is essential to every golfer. Golf training precision fitness can ensure strong and flexible muscles to generate power and club speed.

Golf is a game consisting of 18 holes and because of this you need stamina and focus. With golf training precision fitness, you will have the stamina and focus you need for an overall good game. To prevent injury and to get the proper golf ball contact, your body needs to be in top condition.

You need good posture, timing, endurance, balance, flexibility, and strength. Golf training precision fitness enables you to be at your best, precisely when you need it—on the golf course.

Somax Power Hip Trainer

The Somax Power Hip Trainer is the first aerobic exercise machine designed to increase the strength and speed of hip rotation for golf. Great golfers know that the lower body is the KEY. The faster you unwind your hips from the top of the swing into the downswing, the farther you will hit the ball.

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