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Getting The Best Golf Bags For Your Clubs

You might have spent plenty of money on your golf clubs and balls, but it is also important to have the right golf bags to carry your equipment in. Most golfers don’t have the benefits of a caddy like the professionals, and it can be a long way around the course.

Choosing golf bags that can carry all your equipment easily and are comfortable and easy to move around is important. Also, you want a golf bad that looks good and reflects your style and personality on the course.

The wrong golf bags will leave you struggling to find and move your equipment, and perhaps even damaging your clubs or balls. If you want to know how to pick the best golf bags for your equipment, then here are some tips to get you started.

Right or left handed?

Although it might not seem to matter whether you are right or left handed when buying a bag, things are a little different when looking at golf bags. If you are right handed then it is probably not an issue, as most bags are designed for right handed players.

There are left handed bags on the market as well. If you are left handed then choose one of these bags, as you will then have the pockets and padding on the correct side, making it easier for you to carry around your equipment as you play.

Cart or stand?

Most golf bags require you to carry the bag around with you on your shoulder. However, there are two major types of bags – those that go in a cart or trolley, and those that stand on the ground.

If you are being taken around in a golf cart more often than not, a cart trolley bag is a good option. These bags can be carried around, but can also be easily placed in a golf cart to allow easy transportation.

For those walking around the course, then choose a bag that has a stand with it, so that you bag remains upright and usable wherever you are on the course.

A stand will also stop your bag from resting on the ground and getting dirty in bad weather. There are bags which combine both functions for those who play on different courses and in different environments.

The right bag

Whatever type of bag you choose, make sure that it has a comfortable carrying strap and that it is sturdy and well made.

Also, make sure that you can easily get to all of your equipment in the bag whenever you need to, and that it is all securely stored. There is nothing worse than having to fumble around for golf balls or having clubs fall out of your bag.

If you pick the right bag then you will make transporting and using your golf equipment much easier.


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