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Learning All About Your Golf Swing

Are you taking pre-level measures to improve your golf swing?

The truth is, even the pros sometimes need help with their golf swing. The difference between the pros and most amateurs is that the pros take the time to learn about their golf swing and how it is affecting their game.

Whil you may have some days where you are swinging well, unless you really take the time to learn about your swing you will not be able to improve your shots and lower your scores.

Although it might seem like a complicated process to really analyse and learn about your swing, it is an important to step if you want to get that handicap down. If you are serious about hitting consistent golf shots, then here are some tips to help you learn more about your golf swing.

No quick fixes

Although you might hope that there is an easy way to fix your golf swing, there simply is not. You have to have the time and patience to practice, and some level of natural talent in order to succeed.

If you can learn the fundamentals of the golf swing and repeat these consistently you will do well. Although many pro golfers look like they vastly different swings, about 95% are virtually the same. This is because they all use the same principles in their swing, and just adapt them to their own personality.

If you can learn these basics then you can improve your swing. The six basics you need to focus on are:

• Grip
• Posture
• Pivot
• Hands and arm relationship
• Alignment
• Psychology/mentality

Do’s and Don’ts For Your Swing

Apart from these basic principles, there are plenty of things you should and should not do when trying to learn more about improving your swing.

First, watching professionals does help your swing. We all learn by imitation, and so watching the professionals will help you pick up on ways to get your swing more consistent.

However, don’t watch the struggling players, as this will only make your swing worse! Of course, the biggest key is to practice as much as you possibly can.

Whether you are on the course, the driving range or in your home, practising even the movements of the swing can help. Although it can be frustrating when you miss shots and hit the ball wrong, you need to relax and take breaks if you are going to get better.

As long as you follow the basics and stay positive when improvement seems slow, then you can improve your golf swing and reduce your round scores.

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