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Getting To Grips With Golf Equipment

When you are first getting to know the game of golf, making sense of all the various equipment that is used can seem daunting.

From irons and wedges to tees and ball markers, making sure you have all the right gear can be a challenge. However, if you take some time to read up on what you need and understand the equipment involved you will find things fairly simple.

Also, knowing your golf equipment will help you to better understand the game and improve your overall play. If you are having trouble getting to grips with all the golf equipment available to you, then here is a guide to what you need and what you can do without as a new golfer.

Golf clubs

The first thing you are going to need in terms of golf equipment is a set of golf clubs. While professionals might have a very large set of clubs, when you start out it is probably not necessary to get as many as this.

A good driver, a range of irons and a putter are a good place to start. This will allow you to get a feel for the various clubs and which you use the most. If you find yourself needing more clubs as you progress then you can always buy more later on.

In fact, it is often best to start by renting clubs when first playing to get a feel for the game – this will also save you money and allow you to know what clubs to buy later on.

Balls and tees

As well as golf clubs, golf balls and tees are an essential part of your golf equipment. Although you can always rent balls when you play at a driving range, keeping your own balls for course play is always better.

Balls are relatively cheap and using your own balls will help you play more consistently. Go for a good all round golf ball that will give you a good combination of distance and control. Buy a good amount of balls, and expect to lose a few when you start out!

You will also need to get some tees for when you hit your tee shot at the beginning of each hole. Start off with a bulk set of basic tee shots and then go from there depending on your needs.

Golf clothing

As well as golf equipment for playing the game, you need to make sure you have the correct clothing. Many golf clubs have dress codes and so you need to have the proper items if you want to play.

Smart polo shirts and golf shirts as well as trousers and golf shoes are essential. If you want to know more then contact your local course for dress code requirements.

Of these items, getting good golf shoes is the most important, as you will need to be walking around a lot on the course.

Although golf equipment can be confusing at first, with a few basic items and a little knowledge you will be ready to enjoy the game of golf.

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