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5 Great Golf Accessories

Once you have the essential golf equipment for your needs, it is probably time to start looking at the little extras that can add the edge and style you want to your game. Whether you want extra equipment to improve your game or simply to look the part on the course, picking the right golf accessories is important.

Those extra little items can cost a little or a lot, but whatever your budget you can find gold accessories to help add that something extra to your golf game.

To help you get started in your search for great accessories for your golfing game, here are five of the best golf accessories you can buy on the market today, and advice on how they can help improve aspects of your game:

Head covers

One great line of golf accessories you can look at are head covers for your clubs. You can get head covers in a range of materials, colors and designs to suit your needs. Not only do add extra style to your golfing equipment, but they protect your clubs from the elements and from damage, meaning you will always be ready to hit the perfect shot with all of your clubs.

Golf gloves

Golf accessories don’t have to just be about style, and golf gloves are a good example of this. Golf can be tough on your hands, so getting a good pair to help you grip the club and protect your hands and fingers from damage is always a good idea.

To help you maintain that grip you have been working so hard on, get a pair of golf gloves.


Golfing umbrellas are another great line of golf accessories that can help protect you from the elements. Don't let rain stop you playing by taking out a large golfing umbrella to keep you dry as you move around the course and wait for others to complete their shots.

You can even use your umbrella to keep you shaded from the sun when it’s hot. Whatever the weather, a golf umbrella is a great accessory to have.

Club cleaners

Your golf clubs are the most important part of your golf equipment, so make they remain in great condition by getting hold of a golf club cleaner. Specific brushes and cleaning solutions will make sure that mud and dirt doesn’t get in the way of your shots, whilst keeping your clubs looking shiny and new.

Range finders

For those of us who don’t have a caddie, then why not spend a bit of money on a range finder. These electronic gadgets help you to work out how far you are from a hole, so that you know exactly which club to pick.

If you want to make sure you always have the right club for the yardage, then invest in a range finder to add to your golf accessories.


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